Superstream typescript client SDK

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What is Superstream?

Superstream is a protocol and a collection of SDKs for real-time money streaming on Solana. It allows anyone to continuously send money to anyone else at any interval upto a second.

Superstream protocol is completely open-source. View it on GitHub.

Learn more about Superstream on superstream.finance.

What is Superstream typescript client SDK?

A typescript SDK to interact with on-chain Superstream program. Developers would use this typically when they want to create a typescript app and integrate streams into that. It's compatible with browsers and native environments (like React Native).


# npm
npm install @superstream/client

# pnpm
pnpm install @superstream/client

# yarn
yarn add @superstream/client


  • Create a SuperstreamClient. For complete API documentation, click here
import { createSuperstreamClient } from '@superstream/client'

const client = createSuperstreamClient('devnet', wallet)

// For mainnet-beta, use:
// const client = createSuperstreamClient("mainnet-beta", wallet)

// If you don't need to execute instructions (like creating or cancelling a stream), you can omit the wallet
// const client = createSuperstreamClient("devnet")
  • Fetch streams and do other operations using the client. For complete API documentation, click here
const streams = await client.getAllStreams({ isPrepaid: true, recipient: new PublicKey('public-key-base-58') })
  • Do operations on streams. For complete API documentation, click here
const stream = streams[0]

// Get stream public key
// Check is current wallet is this stream's sender
// ... and other operations

// Get current on-chain time to do even more operations on streams
const currentTime = await client.mustGetCurrentTime()

// Check if stream has stopped
// Check if stream is solvent
// Cancel stream
await stream.cancel()
// ... and other operations

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